Are you managing technology or users?

Business happens at the endpoint. Almost every business process requires the use of endpoints or devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, watches or even VR headsets.
Shifting to a Unified Endpoint Management model enables more secure and engaged technology deployments.

Giving your employees choice, trust and a seamless experience between technologies.

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Are you an automation first organisation?

Automation first enables you to move faster and more effectively. It helps you serve customers better. It releases your employees from mundane, repetitive work, allowing them to focus on solving problems and unlocking their full human potential.

It is now possible to be more human, with technology.

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What does the I in your IoT strategy mean?

Enhancing your IoT by adding Edge Intelligence will unlock the full potential of IoT in your environments.
With the huge analytic capabilities of AI, IoT data can be analysed efficiently to extract meaningful information.

Automation will help IoT devices to interact with humans and other things intelligently and make autonomous decisions.

Increasing operating efficiency, and enable new IoT applications.

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How secure is your organisation?

Despite increasing investment in security, organisations are still being breached – due to changing perimeter landscape and the human element.

Combining endpoint security, user visibility and machine learning, organisations can now detect and protect against external and insider threats of malicious, negligent, and compromised varieties.

Creating a secure yet more accessible environment.

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A bit about us.

Delv is a human-centred technology services firm that offers solutions for organisations seeking to explore new ways of doing business and wanting to thrive in a digital world.

Our Purpose is to connect people through technology, translating complex concepts into meaningful solutions that drive prosperity.

Our Vision is to make transformative technology accessible to everyone. 

Driven by our Values of Customer First, Acting with Integrity, Thinking Big & Moving Fast, Living Passionately and Being Different. 

Let’s get started.

Our methodology and services.

& Advise

Researching and tailoring a strategy that fits your organisation and uncovering the right technologies to enable your business.


Designing and documenting technology solutions, process improvements and transformation technology road maps.

& Deploy

Building the designed solutions, deploying in your environments and upskilling your workforce to fully utilise the defined solution.

& Integrate

The solutions can be integrated with your existing platforms and processes or sit beside them as an augmented migration.

& Optimise

Managing your technology and users. We support your business while identifying opportunities for enhancement and efficiency.

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Our technologies and solutions.

Unified Endpoint Management

Enable a user-centric management approach for all your technology endpoints by bringing all your technology experiences together with Delv’s unified digital endpoint solution
Leverage Delv's mobile-first methodologies to reduce cost, improve security and increase technology adoption throughout your organisation.


Intelligence of Things (IoT)

Improve your business and employee productivity by delivering innovative services to customers with Delv’s IoT hardware, connectivity, and cognitive platforms.
Designed from ground up with human-centred principles. Delv’s IoT solutions are smart, flexible and reliable.

Intelligent Automation

Go beyond RPA and augment your human employees with a digital workforce, allowing them to focus on more intellectual, creative and strategic work. Merging RPA, A.I. and machine learning will create virtual employees that are ready to be deployed directly into the workplace, creating a more productive and engaged workforce.

Intelligent Connectivity

Intelligent Connectivity is pivotal in helping you achieve a smarter digital environment. Delv’s Intelligent Connectivity ensures that you and your business are always connected in the most intelligent way. Encompassing mobile, fixed, wifi, satellite and emerging connections, Delv designs and selects the optimal connection paths for your desired outcome.

Managed Technology Services

The Delv Managed Service (DMS) is founded on ITIL principles, with powerful tools, used by a team of specialist support staff and augmented by digital workers.
We manage your technologies and resolve issues directly with your users or support teams. Focusing on user enablement, rather than a technology stream our team can enable, manage and support almost any piece of user technology.

Digital Security

Delv's security solutions are designed from the user endpoint back to the corporate environment. They are balanced, agile and flexible to secure in a world where threats are evolving quickly. 
Delv protects your organisation, its people and customers from cyber threats and employee usage risks at the endpoint and also in the network. With no trade-offs between security, privacy and productivity.

Data Analytics

Discover and unlock the potential of your data in new ways by collecting, organising, refining and analysing data collected from across your organisation and outside sources.
Empower every individual with actionable intelligence whilst creating new models for growth and efficiency.

Emerging Technologies

Machine learning, augmented reality, drones, social robotics, blockchain; emerging technologies are challenging nearly everything we do in society and work.
At Delv we research, test and develop emerging technologies. Helping organisations understand how these technologies can be turned into compelling user experiences across their environments, and creating new opportunities for organisational prosperity.

Our technology partners.

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