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Work from home desk set up, multiple screens and devices

Delv’s Perspective on Remaining Cyber Safe at Home

Delv team top tips on how they remain cyber safe whilst working at home.   During these COVID times, technology surrounds us every moment of the day, and the lines between work and home are becoming blurred, however, that doesn’t mean your digital security should be forgotten about.   In the past year alone, cybercrime has cost Australian…
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Remote working

Automation in the time of Remote Work

If your organisation can adapt to the disruption of remote work, then it can benefit from automation. By Michael Ma – Intelligent Automation Solution Architect at Delv  It was a time that we mobilised against an unexpected upheaval to alter the way we work. Whilst remote working has been a water cooler topic since before the turn of…
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Digital Workers for the Digital Future

A perspective shift from automation being a productivity tool to a foundational element for digital resiliency.  By Michael Ma – Intelligent Automation Solution Architect at Delv  With the rise of a digital future, is now the time to invest in digital workers? The benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are often demonstrated as direct improvements to operational efficiency…
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