Remote work technology on productivity: 1 year on

Remote work technology on productivity: 1 year on

One year on: the impact of remote work technology

It’s now been just over 12 months since we all went into lockdown and the way we work shifted dramatically. Let’s take a look at the impact this disruption has had on productivity and employee experience.

The shift to working from home posed significant challenges for many employees, with technological barriers being at the forefront. A study conducted by Fluxon, reported that 3 out of 4 employees had difficulty in the transition to remote work, with technology playing a large part in this. Additionally, Nexthink reported that employees were losing up to 28 minutes a day for every tech issue that arose while working virtually.

With the uncertainty around how long COVID would last, many businesses took short cuts to get to a state where they could work remotely. This rushed approach often resulted in compromised security, a lack of connection between employees and a negative user experience.

Now, with pandemic’s effects lasting for longer than initially anticipated, many organisations are now being forced to understand these weaknesses in their digital strategies. This is creating an urgent need for new, innovative and comprehensive initiatives to be implemented.

Mother and daughter working from home with remote work tech.

Is your organisation still struggling?

If your organisation is still struggling to provide the flexibility and security to keep employees connected and protected to work from anywhere, implementing a solution like MUES can get you on track, rapidly.

MUES manages user experience, removing the challenges of managing hundreds of device types, connectivity types and access methods, whilst increasing security and productivity.

MUES combines all the essential features a user may need to work securely on any device, anywhere, anytime. Wrapping endpoint technology management, augmented intelligence, automation, interactivity, security, technology, connectivity, service and support all into one solution.  This dramatically increases employee outputs— no matter the technology, software or platform. MUES uplifts user engagement, improving security and saving businesses money.

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