Partner Spotlight: Hypergate

Partner Spotlight: Hypergate

Why do we love Hypergate?

We love partnering with Hypergate because of their passion for improving the employee experience with mobile technology solutions. This passion carries over into their Authentication solution, reducing the admin and repetitive-based task of inputting passwords and is very non-invasive on the users’ existing technology. 

What can you achieve with Hypergate?

Hypergate provides a secure solution that defeats the time-consuming and frustrating task of entering credentials manually. With credentials more error-prone when using mobile devices, Hypergate helps eliminate this issue within seconds. The seamless Single Sign-On experience allows employees to access all their applications anywhere and anytime without worrying about security.

Furthermore, Hypergate knows that in every security-focused company, employees must change their passwords regularly (potentially several times a year). Usually, employees need a stationary Windows computer to reset it, and, at this time, their Mobile Devices are useless. For employees who are on the road, this is a problem.
Hypergate’s on-device password reset on Android and iOS allows users to reset their Passwords from their Mobile Devices no matter what time it is or where they are. This significantly increases usability, reduces the burden on IT and Help Desk teams by reducing password reset requests.

Hypergate Authenticator gains its power through the Kerberos Authentication protocol. This industry-standard is used across all workforces, such as government agencies, where security is of the essence. Hypergate also allows for IT administrators to control when, where and how employees get access to specific data.

This solution helps businesses save up to 94% of password-related costs, providing seamless access across Android and Apple devices; It also integrates harmoniously with all major Enterprise Mobility Management platforms, allowing access for all.

What Delv solution set does Hypergate fall under?

Hypergate Authenticator fits without our Managed User Experience Service (MUES) solution set.

MUES is focused on managing the user’s experience through technology. It enables organisations to deploy user technology fast whilst also pivot to new ways of working and quickly take advantage of emerging technologies and trends.  

Want to learn more?

Register here for our webinar with Hypergate on Thursday the 9th of September at 3 pm AEST. Those who register and attend will receive a Swiss Themed Gift!