Partner Spotlight: Lookout

Partner Spotlight: Lookout

Phishing isn’t just for email on mobile devices.

We trust our mobile devices. Whether they are company or employee-owned, we treat them as an integral part of both our personal and professional life. We take photos of our friends and family, communicate with colleagues, and log onto business applications. 

Mobile devices have the same access to business data as desktop computers, but unlike desktops, there are endless ways for cyber attackers to deliver phishing links via iOS, Android and Chrome OS apps. They can send a phishing link in virtually any app on our device, including social media, messaging, gaming, and even dating apps. There is a greater imperative to have phishing protection on mobile devices.

At Delv, we believe in a holistic digital security strategy, which is why we have partnered with mobile security leader Lookout.  

Why Lookout?

Lookout research suggests that users are three times more likely to click on a malicious URL on a mobile device. As shown with the Pegasus attack, it only takes one errant tap to compromise a mobile device with aggressive surveillance ware.

Lookout offers comprehensive protection against mobile phishing on Android and iOS devices to keep enterprise data secure in a nuanced, mobile world. 

Lookout Mobile Phishing Protection is designed to protect enterprises from phishing attacks from any channel, including email, SMS texts, messaging apps, and URLs embedded into apps. 

Lookout inspects all outbound connections made by the mobile device and installed apps at the network level when a user attempts to connect. What is different about this approach is it does not rely on inspecting message content and therefore, does not violate end-user privacy. 

Lookout correlates the URL being accessed against known malicious URLs identified by the Lookout Security Cloud and alerts the end-user if it is malicious prior to the connection being completed. This real-time alert prevents exposure to risky content such as malicious apps or websites with known vulnerabilities.

Which Delv solution set does Lookout fall under? 

Lookout falls under our Intelligent Digital Security (IDS) solution set. Our IDS solution offers comprehensive and holistic coverage and augmentation of your existing security investments. It provides a user-focused intelligent security solution that covers people, devices, networks, apps, and automation. 

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