Partner Spotlight: Five Faces

Partner Spotlight: Five Faces

Partner Spotlight

Why do we love Five Faces?

We love partnering with Five Faces because of their human-centric approach to technology and their devotion to standing out from the rest of the industry. Every one of Five Faces’ products aims to improve customer and employee experience through user-focused and designed interactive technology. The Five Faces approach to technology aligns perfectly with the human-centric, user experience-focused approach we apply across every one of our solution sets.

What can you achieve with Five Faces?

Five Faces’ solutions help you bridge a myriad of communication gaps in the physical environment. Five Faces offers a broad range of digital solutions that are fully customisable and can be tailored specifically to your needs. From timely and relevant signage to self-service information, self-check-in and navigation, all Five Faces solutions are managed via a central platform. Five Faces will ensure that your audience feels digitally connected in your physical environment and will accelerate your data capture and analysis capabilities.

What Delv solution set does Five Faces fall under?

Five Faces fits in with our Managed User Experience Service (MUES) and Intelligent Digital Application Experiences (IDEA) solution sets.

MUES is focused on managing the user’s experience through technology. MUES allows for simple to use, central control over almost any piece of smart glass, with the ability to adapt and suit the user’s needs, ultimately improving their experience with technology.

IDEA is all about bringing to life new digital experiences that seamlessly span online and offline applications, user interaction points and physical environments—providing deeper, longer and more personalised engagements.

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