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Mobile Apps: The Rise

The rise of mobile apps in the pandemic

It’s Innovation Day

Today is Innovation Day (although if the past year has shown us anything, it is that we should be thinking innovatively every day). Over the last 12 months, the world has been forced to rapidly shift to a new normal. Although a lot of what has come out of this pandemic is tragic and detrimentally…
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Delv Work With Link4 to Bring E-invoicing Solution to Everyone

Press Release: Delv has entered a collaboration with e-invoicing company, Link4, to deliver an e-invoicing solution which businesses using any ERP or finance system can rapidly implement.  Delv has identified and bridged a gap in the market, developing an integrator for the Link4 service which utilises automation to allow for easy and effortless integration into…
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Partner Spotlight: Blancco

Why do we love Blancco? We love partnering with Blancco because they offer organisations an alternative course to data erasure. Rather than the old-school method of physically destroying devices, Blancco’s solution securely wipes devices— giving them a new lease of life. This is a more sustainable, cost-effective and secure solution for businesses. Why do we…
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MATE: The Digital Workforce’s Home

PRESS RELEASE: Delv has just launched its automation platform, MATE (Managed Automated Task Environment). The platform is designed to enable organisations to rapidly implement intelligent automation solutions. Available on an Australian cloud or on-premises, this solution is highly scalable, adaptive and flexible to meet any businesses automation needs.  Delv’s MATE platform is hassle-free and non-invasive,…
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Partner Spotlight: Five Faces

Partner Spotlight Why do we love Five Faces? We love partnering with Five Faces because of their human-centric approach to technology and their devotion to standing out from the rest of the industry. Every one of Five Faces’ products aims to improve customer and employee experience through user-focused and designed interactive technology. The Five Faces…
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Press Release: Delv and UC sign a MoU to collaboratively shape the future of innovation in education

PRESS RELEASE Delv has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Canberra (UC). This partnership between industry and education will provide a platform for joint research and allow input into the future of integrated learning, from an industry perspective. “Delv and UC have been working collaboratively for over a year towards…
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Robots: The Rise

Robots never fail to draw a crowd, spark the imagination or make me wish I could take one home (person in a costumer excluded).

The Variable A in A.I.

There is no doubt the prospect of true A.I. is exciting. It has been projected that the immediately addressable A.I. market is expected to reach $70 billion by 2020, and it is pretty clear most A.I. implementations will have a transformative effect on every facet of society and business globally and being only 1 year…
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5G, more than speed

It feels like that since MWC has been in Barcelona, 5G has been on the lips of attendees, initially as a whisper and grows into a roaring chorus line last year. All along it has been focused around the arrival of 5G technology and the amazing things we can do when these ultra-fast networks connected to…
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