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Robots: The Rise

Robots never fail to draw a crowd, spark the imagination or make me wish I could take one home (person in a costumer excluded).

The Variable A in A.I.

There is no doubt the prospect of true A.I. is exciting. It has been projected that the immediately addressable A.I. market is expected to reach $70 billion by 2020, and it is pretty clear most A.I. implementations will have a transformative effect on every facet of society and business globally and being only 1 year…
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5G, more than speed

It feels like that since MWC has been in Barcelona, 5G has been on the lips of attendees, initially as a whisper and grows into a roaring chorus line last year. All along it has been focused around the arrival of 5G technology and the amazing things we can do when these ultra-fast networks connected to…
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The Future Begins To Unfold

The Future Begins to Unfold The hype has started to settle after MWC Barcelona, but the landscape in the year ahead will continue to be shaped by the releases, demonstrations, keynotes and some of the conversations that were held during the 4 days of MWC. If anything 2019 will be filled with the F words…
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