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How Mobile Apps Can Help Change Your Business

With over 218 billion mobile application downloads in 2020 alone, should you be thinking about investing in a mobile application for your business?   Due to the pandemic, the demand for mobile applications for businesses has never been higher. As companies shifted to remote work and people spent more of their free time on their phones, the evolution…
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Remote Working: The Security Risks

As lockdown restrictions continue to change throughout Australia, employees are now well equipped with the notion of remote working. One great outcome of the pandemic has been a rise in employment for remote working only roles, meaning organisations are able to hire the very best from anywhere around the country.  However, working remotely comes with…
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How to get your employees more engaged with your cybersecurity initiatives

As we work more remote and across a broad range of devices, it is becoming increasingly easy for cyber attackers to find vulnerabilities in our endpoints. The key to protecting our corporate data is to equip our most significant vulnerability, our employees, with cybersecurity tips, tricks and tools.  Here are our top tips on getting your…
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5 Benefits Automation has on (Non-Digital) Employees

We’re all hearing about the fantastic benefits that automation brings to business: increasing efficiencies, saving money and improving outputs.  However, something many people don’t consider that beyond just the business benefits, automation can have a positive impact on your non-digital employees. Here are our top 5. 1. Job satisfaction Automation allows employees to focus on…
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Remote work technology on productivity: 1 year on

The shift to remote work tech posed significant challenges for many employees, impacting productivity and employee experience.

Partner Spotlight: Lookout

Phishing isn’t just for email on mobile devices. We trust our mobile devices. Whether they are company or employee-owned, we treat them as an integral part of both our personal and professional life. We take photos of our friends and family, communicate with colleagues, and log onto business applications.  Mobile devices have the same access…
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Mobile Apps: The Rise

The rise of mobile apps in the pandemic

It’s Innovation Day

Today is Innovation Day (although if the past year has shown us anything, it is that we should be thinking innovatively every day). Over the last 12 months, the world has been forced to rapidly shift to a new normal. Although a lot of what has come out of this pandemic is tragic and detrimentally…
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Robots: The Rise

Robots never fail to draw a crowd, spark the imagination or make me wish I could take one home (person in a costumer excluded).

The Variable A in A.I.

There is no doubt the prospect of true A.I. is exciting. It has been projected that the immediately addressable A.I. market is expected to reach $70 billion by 2020, and it is pretty clear most A.I. implementations will have a transformative effect on every facet of society and business globally and being only 1 year…
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