How to get your employees more engaged with your cybersecurity initiatives

How to get your employees more engaged with your cybersecurity initiatives

As we work more remote and across a broad range of devices, it is becoming increasingly easy for cyber attackers to find vulnerabilities in our endpoints. The key to protecting our corporate data is to equip our most significant vulnerability, our employees, with cybersecurity tips, tricks and tools. 

Here are our top tips on getting your staff enthusiastic and engaged with your organisation’s cybersecurity practices.

1. Make it Personal

Most employees are aware that not complying with cybersecurity protocols can impact the company and corporate data. However, what many don’t realise is that it can also affect their personal data. Try including a series of training that shows real-life examples of things that could affect them personally, e.g. tax fraud and cyber fraud. Doing this helps your employees become more vigilant on a corporate scale.

2. Transparency

Make sure that you’re transparent in your communications with your employees around internal security procedures. Let them know exactly what your organisation will be monitoring, and make it clear you are only protecting corporate assets and are not interested in monitoring their personal interests. 

3. Training

Provide your employees with regular training programs that are engaging and fun. Ensure that the training covers the liabilities and threats that could be a consequence of not following protocols. (Delv can provide this through our cybersecurity awareness training partner, KnowBe4!)

4. Entertain

Try sending entertaining videos around the office to help keep employees on their toes and help visually convey key cybersecurity practices.  

5. Gamification

Try turning your cybersecurity program into a company-wide competition where staff can compete on who has done the most training or reported the most phishing attempts.

6. Start from the top

Anyone can be targeted by a cybersecurity attack. Executives need to go beyond simply funding and encouraging employees to complete their cybersecurity training but need to actively participate in it too. 

7. Simplify

Keep your policies simple and to the point. This will help ensure that your employees are actually reading up on this material. 

8. Rewards for employees

Encourage vigilance with reward. If an employee identifies a potential phishing attack or finds a vulnerability in your system, share the success with the entire organisation. 

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